I have worked for Blac Frac Tanks, Inc. since November 19th, 2007. I started at Blac Frac Tanks with my Class B CDL and trained here to get my Class A CDL. I drove winch trucks, bobtail and transport water trucks, sand cans full of KCL and a variety of other trucks. Approximately mid-February 2010 I was promoted to assistant truck pusher under Jeff Mangels. I helped Jeff with the daily dispatch of trucks going to do a variety of services for the oilfield.

In April 2010, I was promoted to Safety Manager of Blac Frac Tanks, Inc. and MK Hydrovac, Inc. My position as Safety Manger is to ensure employees come to work and leave work without injury and incident. I perform safety meetings and safety trainings such as American Red Cross First Aid, H2S Awareness and other required OSHA and FMCSA trainings. I also go into the field and do field and safety inspections of crews and individuals while they are working as well as our mechanics and mechanic shops.

In 2012, Daryl Hillyer became my mentor for Health, Safety and Environmental ideas, we came up with a growth plan which had me studying towards my degree in Occupational Health and Safety. I will sit for the Associated Safety Professional Certificate and the Certified Safety Professional Certificate tests. I completed my Associates Degree through Columbia Southern University in the summer of 2016. I am currently in the process of getting ready to sit for my two Safety Professional tests for those certificates and will continue with my education to attain my Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety.

I have been part of the Western Slope Safety Council since 2010 and have been the Chairman of the Board for three years. The Western Slope Safety Council was created to provide companies on the Western Slope of Colorado who work in the Oil and Gas Fields with a way to have safety trainings done at a lower cost. It also has quarterly meetings where speakers come from all over the United States of America to talk about safety in our industry. We have had speakers from OSHA, NIOSH, IADC, National Weather Service, H&P Rigs, Colorado State Patrol and many more. During my time as Chairman of the Board I was also asked by the Rocky Mountain Education Center to come and help develop the OSHA 5810 Hazards Based Standards Course for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. Once we completed the OSHA 5810 course I was asked to stay on to create the Oil and Gas Field Leadership Course.