Growing up on the Western Slope of Colorado I envisioned myself in a kitchen and pursued an education in a culinary school in Oregon after high school. Once completed, I came home and worked in various hotels around Boulder, Snowmass, and Washington D.C. Traveling to Italy allowed for more extensive training and I furthered my education. Upon returning to the states, I began working at the Mad Dog Ranch Café in Crawford, CO.  In the summer of 2001, my schedule turned seasonal and I started worked part time for Blac-Frac Tanks, Inc.

Initially, I was in the main yard grinding on and cleaning out sandblasted tanks or filtering water. From 2001 to 2005 I mostly worked part time in the winter during nights or weekends filtering water. My culinary career had taken a direction that I didn’t want to travel so I joined Sysco in 2003 as a Sales Representative for kitchen supplies. This provided me the opportunity to learn a new set of skills and organization that I didn’t receive in the kitchen. Working in sales gave me an opportunity to see a different side of the industry and encouraged me to open up more as an individual while providing me with a solid base in customer relations and enhancing my repertoire of sales skills. I learned to really sell myself, the quality of the merchandise and service and ensure that I followed through on a commitment to customers.

After a couple of years, I joined Blac-Frac Tanks, Inc. full time only doing AP. As time progressed, I became more involved with various aspects of the company’s office operations and was only in the field as needed. The industry changed, we modified our services to match it and this meant adjustments for my position in the form of continuing AP and taking on all invoicing.

We started purchasing Hydrovac trucks and MK Hydrovac became my operations baby in September 2007. It became my department because it was new to everyone and as a partner in the company, it made sense to take the lead as I could teach it to others down the line. Initially I was hesitant because I hadn’t really driven anything at the time and had no idea about the components of a Hydrovac, nor many aspects of a commercial motor vehicle.  My previous experience in the oilfield provided a history of the work and that I was comfortable with, it took a little while to get my feet beneath me but slowly we worked our way into full time production. By March 2008, I attained my Class B CDL so that I could drive and operate the Hydrovac trucks. Throughout all of this I continued to do the office work and was the lead sales person for both companies, work doesn’t scare me.

Christopher Snow